Who We Are

App Crew is a specialised venture company specifically aimed at developing affordable business, school and organisational branded Apps.


App Crew (product of Simple Cloud solutions CC) will provide an effective and affordable means of developing and designing mobile application solutions for all Businesses, Individuals, Schools, Retailers communities etc. as well as setting up, maintenance and CMS for any application and services for our client, according to the package selected. YOU own your App, with your company branding and abundant functionality . Our approach is unique , We keep it simple with no custom coding and a template driven container for your info that you can update when you want, thus giving customers really what they need and not creating expenses unnecessarily. Our App development is affordable and effective.


Your mobile app remains on the user's smart phone or Android device, and is therefore ideal for frequent and repeated use! Your branded App can be very helpful to either customer groups, individuals, potential customers in terms of (BUT NOT LIMITED TO):

• Information sharing(push notifications)
• Contact sections
• Forms
• Public and private chat
• Maps and locations
• Event calendars display and notify users
• Social network integration
• Podcasts, sound cloud, audio and video, Vimeo
• Web embed options
• Built in CMS


Look at these companies that we have already helped to get Applified with amazing results and exposure!


Platforms:IOS or Android we assist and deploy both. CMS: You will have access to your own CMS system where you will have access to manage the different content sections of your APP. We have so many features to make your APP truly unique and functional.

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